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The expert special coatings contractors at EMC PAINTING, based in Taylorsville, Utah, have the equipment and the experience to make your next flooring project a success. We understand that tight schedules and limited accessibility are a reality with any special coating project. We start by asking questions to better understand your flooring or surface needs and requirements to determine which floor coating resin will best fit your space. We will design and install a flooring solution that meets your specifications, performs to your expectations and works within your budget. 

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EMC PAINTING offers the high-end commercial-grade garage floor epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea-polyaspartic coatings. You’ll love the look of your garage or other space where durability is a priorty. Besides looking great, our garage floor coatings are moisture-resistant, super durable, and resist impacts, chipping and scratching. They also provide wonderful chemical and stain resistance. Gone will be the days of stains. Oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, dust, grime and other chemicals can be wiped up quickly and easily. Maintenance is unbelievably easy, too! You can choose from a wide spectrum of colors and options for patterns and textures. When finished, you’ll find yourself spending a lot more time in your garage!

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